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Upernavik, Greenland.

Artist in Residence, 2008.

A sensory and sentient response to the physical landscape of Upernavik in Greenland. Leaving behind the darkness and coldness of the winter polar-night and moving into spring's midnight sun is transfigurative, in the sense that everywhere becomes illuminated with light. Transfiguration for the ancients, in this sense, the Thule people, could be found in liminal spaces (Death and Transfiguration IV), a space within ourself, where we see everything as it truly is, as matter becomes transfigured with spirit.

This Art Project was awarded the Artist-in-Residence Award by Upernavik Museum.
This Art Project was awarded a 'Travel and Training Award' from The Arts Council of Ireland.
The series of paintings 'Death and Transfiguration' was awarded a Merit for artistic talent in 2021 from Pinacotheque Museum, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.
7 rue Michel Rodange, Luxembourg, L-2430, Luxembourg

Upernaviup Katersugaasivia
Upernavik Museum

Niuertup Otto-p Aqq. B-12
3962 Upernavik

Tlf.: +299 96 48 52

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