Awards and Achievements;

2022: Artists' Support Scheme Award 2022. Fingal Arts, Dublin.

2021: Certificate of Merit for artistic talent from Luxembourg Art Prize,

          Pinacotheque Museum, Luxembourg.

2021: Artists' Support Scheme Award 2021. Fingal Arts, Dublin.

2008: Travel and Training Award. Arts Council of Ireland.

2008: Artist in Residency. Upernavik Museum, Upernavik, Greenland.

2006: Artist in Residency. Fiskars Co-operative of Artisans,

          Designers and Artists, Fiskars, Finland.


Upernavik Museum, Upernavik, Greenland.

Ilulissat Art Museum, Ilulissat, Greenland.


2003: B.A Art and Design Education. National College of Art and

          Design, Dublin.

1999: Certificate in Classical Animation Drawing Studies. Ballyfermot

          College of Further Education, Dublin.

1996: B.A Archaeology and Geography. University College Dublin.


Born in 1975, Jackie Flanagan is an Irish Visual Artist and Archaeologist from County Kerry and lives in Dublin and just about everywhere in, on and around the sub-arctic and arctic regions. She specialises in painting and drawing and exhibits her works both nationally and internationally. She is a professional member of Visual Artists Ireland.The artist's artwork is showcased on Saatchi art and Arte Laguna.

Growing up in the south west of Ireland has largely impacted her creativity by both echoing and informing her vision as an artist. County Kerry is as mystical as it is natural, therefore, an exploration of the relationship between the unknown and the physical world is the central theme running through her work.This relationship has become an ongoing process of archaeological inquiry whereby the artist-as-archaeologist seeks to explore an archaeology of the unknown and sub-conscious through abstraction, material manipulation and a hint of surrealism. Abstract or 'Geographical-like' shapes are set in relief against a more fluid plane.The surface plane of the canvas has become an archaeological site of investigation through the removal of layers of paint and the emergence of forms.The artist's medium has become one of substance and substrate and is punctuated with apples and voids.
Hence, multidisciplinarity and interdisciplinarity informs her arts practice - from imposing geographical masses to archaeological investigations.
''At its basic interdisciplinary level both Archaeology and Geography are the study of shapes in space and how society in turn shapes this space! Fundamentally, too, the artist also explores and manipulates space and shape in order to convey their vision....archaeology, in particular, is a further expression of my artistic vision and approach to my works.''  Jackie Flanagan


Latest News and Events

Shetland / An Archaeology of the Unknown showing at Artexpo New York's Online Exhibition from April 7-10th 2022.

April 2020, Jackie has been selected by a jury of international art curators to exhibit artworks 'Shetland' at Artexpo New York

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