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Nordica is an accumulation of my many visits to the Arctic region. The textured surfaces of the palimpsest sculptural-paintings have the ability to capture the ephemeral nature of flickering light and in doing so, echo the equally ephemeral nature of snow and ice. The use of horizontal composition mirrors the flat geographical landscape, as is evident in parts of this region, in particular Lapland. This lends itself to a panoramic view, allowing the viewer to become part of the experience. 

An Archaeology of the Unknown is a series of on-going work charting an expedition from Sub-Arctic regions through to the Arctic and plays on archaeological  tropes of excavation, stratigraphy and psychoanalysis. Journeying in the Arctic is cold and dark, yet illuminating, which I have expressed as a sensory, emotional and imaginal response to the landscape through sculptural-paintings, drawings and photography.

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