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An Animated Line in Red, Yellow and Blue

The 'An Animated Line in Red, Yellow and Blue' series follows the journey of a line as it  navigates through time and space, by wrapping itself around a processional display of canvases, just to return once more from where it set off. Hence, there is a play between linearity and cyclicality. Linearity finds itself more at home in the physical world whilst cyclicality lends itself to perpetuity. The series was inspired by the ancient Greek Tetraktys symbol. This symbol represents the mysterious transformation of spirit to matter which can also be shown through the drawing process whereby a line has the ability to represent a form. The series is also reminiscent of early rock-art carvings from Ireland's Neolithic past in which the line follows the form of the rock. The animated line is carved from mount-board, using the subtractive method (as the artist becomes archaeologist) and follows the flat surface plane of the canvas. All in all, each sculpture/artwork is an integral part of the whole as linearity and cyclicality are imbound in the one experience.

Click here to view 'An Animated Line in Yellow'
Click here to view 'An Animated Line in Blue'
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