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Artist's Statement
''Straight lines and circles are...not only beautiful...but eternally and absolutely beautiful''. Plato

Welcome to my website. My artwork is an archaeological inquiry of the unknown expressed through additive-subtraction, abstraction, materiality and a hint of surrealism using various media. Substrate is removed to reveal what lies beneath and beyond. The sub-conscious realm becomes exposed whereby the imagination comes into play and is all neatly sandwiched on a base layer of materiality, which, if the lighting is right, encloses all in a dazzling display of flickering ephemera.

Early Artist's Statement
I have always been intrigued by the interplay between the unknown, mystical world and the physical, tangible world. This interplay was once deeply rooted in Pagan-Celtic Ireland. This dichotomy, yet sameness, is a response to how I view the world as an artist, like an archaeological dance between mystery and revelation, and is fully encapsulated in my creative works. The stillness and silence of the ethereal world is mystified in soft, light and dark painterly layers. The structured, tangible, physical world reveals itself as heavily textured surfaces, materials, marks and strong compositional elements, anchoring my work in the here and now. Style and realm are not mutually exclusive to one another, whereby, according to Celtic belief, spirit is matter and matter is spirit.


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