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Fiskars, Finland.

Artist in Residence, 2006.

A response to the season of Autumn in the small village of Fiskars, Finland, paying particular attention to the natural earth tones of red, brown and the multiplicity nature of gold, being very grounding, yet, triumphant at the same time. This series of work was strongly influenced by wild-life inspired interior design, as much as it was by the woodlands of Fiskars. Overall, this series, is in ways, a record of the domestic-archaeology of the household, as it is a feral-archaeology of the woodland.

Work exhibited at 'Points of View' exhibition show, at the Copper Smithy, Fiskars, Finland. 2007

This art project was awarded an Artist-in-Residency from Fiskars Co-operative of Artisans, Designers and Artists, Fiskars, Finland.



Onoma Shop 

Fiskarsintie 35 

FI-10470 Fiskars

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